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Vaccination Buddy Program

With the development of Covid Vaccination rollouts, there has also been some challenges.  These challenges have mainly been around finding appointments once you are actually eligible.  The Evanston Center plans to address this with the Vaccination Buddy Program! For members who are entering or have been been stagnant in covid vaccination eligibility, we will be providing information and help set up appointments.  If you are interested in becoming a vaccination buddy mentor/volunteer (or want to be matched with a mentor), please reach out to Elisabeth Bialosky and Bethany Hader.

We are also creating an alert list for those wishing to be notified of pop up clinics. Let us know if you would be interested and the best way to contact you.

Elisabeth Bialosky 


Bethany Hader



If you are looking for resources for finding an appointment for yourself or someone else you know who is eligible, please consider looking at:

Colorado Vaccine Hunters 


  • University Park United Methodist Church
    University Park United Methodist Church

    2180 S. University Blvd.
    Denver, CO 80210