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Advent Devotional Day 9

This Advent we’re being dragged under water in the middle of the broad, deep river of history where the current is strong, has overflowed the levees of reality. The COVID-19 pandemic is at a historic high and has turned our lives upside down. Sometimes all we can do is hold on and not be overcome by the “tuff stuff” of our life.

Just as the Jewish people were exiled in Babylon, COVID-19 has plunged us into exile in our homes.  We’re living in unfamiliar ways. We’re tired, We’re disconnected, crave contact with our family and friends, want to be able to go and do what we like to do.  For the well-being of ourselves and others we know this isn’t possible at this time.

Longing for the way it was before runs deeply within us, but a reckoning of reality is in order. We need to take a deep breath. It would be a terrible mistake to return to what was normal. The reality is the normal wasn’t working for most of us. Drastic changes are needed to provide for the well-being of all people.  Reweave the mosaic of American society with threads of fairness, compassionate-loving-kindness, equity and justice for all, with a sense of responsibility for one another.

In our search for wholeness, oneness with God, Jesus is the way. John was a voice crying out in the wilderness preparing the way for Jesus, the supreme revealer of God.  He was a human vessel full of God. When we see Jesus we see what life filled with God looks like; what life lived to the fullest and best looks like; how love and compassion trumps ideology; we see forgiveness at its highest and best; what loving everyone unconditionally requires.

The focus of Advent is preparation to celebrate the birth of Jesus. But for me there is a deeper meaning of Advent. “Some fear that we shall neglect the good news that God was in Jesus. I fear that we shall neglect the momentous meaning of the good news—God is in us.” (Bishop Melvin Wheatley, Jr)  The indwelling spirit of God that was within Jesus is within us, fills our souls, widens our hearts. As God bearers, unique expressions of God, to be all we are meant to be we tap into the depths of our being, unmask and give birth to the gifts of God that may be hidden in the folds of our lives enabling us to live the highest, truest, best expression of who we are.

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    University Park United Methodist Church

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