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Mission & Vision

In 2013, we opened the Evanston Center for Spiritual Wholeness and Healing as a place to foster spiritual growth, education, wellness, and social action. At its heart, the Evanston Center is grounded in community, because we believe that healthy community helps people flourish. We host an English language school for recent immigrants, with more than 100 new Americans learning and supporting one another there every week. We hold weekly “pondering and praying” groups to read books, pray, and discuss spiritual life. Evanston Center offers counseling services in partnership with Centus Counseling, and grief recovery groups through the GriefShare program. We are home to various religious groups ranging from buddhists to gnostic Christians, and several 12-step addiction recovery programs. 

If you’re an introvert and into contemplative prayer, join us for a biweekly labyrinth walk - no one will even talk to you! If you’re an extrovert and want a group of people to laugh and talk with, come to our community game nights or attend one of the shows put on by a local theater company. We know that people who are drawn to the programming at Evanston may never worship with us at University Park United Methodist Church, and that’s OK. The point is to help people connect with God, with joy, and with each other.  

Our Values

Christian Community and Hospitality

We think that life is best lived in community - people to share our joys, to support us in our hard times, and to share life with us. That means that we’re committed to welcoming everyone who comes through our doors. 

Caring for God’s Creation

We think that the world is sacred and beautiful, and God wants us to care for it and safeguard it for future generations. 

A Just and Compassionate Social Order

We believe that God wants the best for all of us, so we are committed to work for a world where everyone can flourish. 

Spiritual Practice

Spiritual practices like prayer, worship, and serving others help us grow spiritually and let God’s work of peace and compassion be done through us. We’re not that good at it. But we’re trying.


Our Vision

We think God is calling us to be an intergenerational, diverse, radically inclusive Christian community where families and individuals flourish and grow spiritually through fellowship, spiritual practice, and service.

Our Mission

To be who God is calling us to be, we want to embody our Christian faith with grace, mercy, and humility through spiritual practice, Christlike service, cultivating wholeness, seeking justice, and caring for God’s creation.

  • University Park United Methodist Church
    University Park United Methodist Church

    2180 S. University Blvd.
    Denver, CO 80210